Jim Davis

Brad Vickers - "Great Day in the Morning" AVAILABLE NOW!

Great Day In The Morning Cover.jpg

Very proud to have worked on this very fine album, and happy to announce that it is officially out for you all to hear! This album delves deeper into the acoustic side of Brad's music, and possesses a sincerity and maturity that makes this album a standout among roots music releases. Features Brad Vickers, Margey Peters, Charles Burnham, Matt Cowan, Jim Davis, Bill Rankin, V.D. King, Christine Santelli, Gina Sicilia, Michael Bram, Jeremy Baum and myself.

Go and grab your copy of Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans - "Great Day in the Morning" right now!


Brad Vickers recording sessions start this week!

Very excited to get back in the studio this Monday with the wonderful Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans. This time around, he will be bringing in Charles Burnham, Matt Cowan, Jim Davis, Margey Peters, Bill Rankin, Christine Santelli, Gina Sicilia and V.D. King. This is sure to be a very exciting trip through several decades worth of Brad's songwriting, and will be stripped down, honest and full of character. This will be Brad's 4th full length solo release. More updates to come as the sessions come to pass!