Dave Gross

At Lurssen Mastering for Mikey Junior's "Traveling South"


Recently I had the absolute honor of attending the mastering session for Mikey Junior's upcoming album, "Traveling South" with some of my heroes, Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering. These guys have put the finishing touches on countless records that you all have undoubtedly heard, as well as on many that are personally among my favorite pieces of recorded music (particularly many T Bone Burnett productions). Sitting in the very room where all of these records made their final stop before going out into the world, was a surreal experience. It was truly amazing to hear that intangible and indescribable touch slowly working it's way all throughout this album, right before me.
Generally, there is a certain quietness in the role of mastering engineers, to not impart too much of something that wasn't the intent of the producer or the artist. However, while subtle and unobtrusive, there is a unmistakable sonic identity to the mastering of Gavin & Reuben. It's the gooeyness, the controlled but considerable low end, the warm texture in the midrange, the presence that never ever becomes brash, the air that's always in perfect proportion to the source, and the musical movement of compression. These are only six out of probably hundreds of phrases I could use to describe their elusive fingerprint, because after mentally absorbing innumerable diverse albums that they have worked on, all that remained between the recordings were these profoundly understated yet signature qualities.
I was glad to just sit back and let them do their thing, but it was an extra treat to talk quite a bit and then just listen to what they had to say. Highlight of the year for sure.
P.S. the record sounds AMAZING, so please stay tuned!!


Session rehearsal

Great session yesterday w/Chris O'Leary, Jeremy Baum, Chris Vitarello, Michael Bram and Matt Raymond. Here's a video of everybody gathering in the control room for a rehearsal, running through a song they soon recorded. Amazing players and great vibe!

Click video to watch! (please stop music player before watching)


Mikey Junior comes to Fat Rabbit Studios

mikey collage.jpg

It was an amazing 3 days in Fat Rabbit Studios producing/engineering & performing on Philadelphia roots/blues artist, Mikey Junior's upcoming record. There was something spectacularly rare about the chemistry between everybody involved, and the music undoubtedly reflects that. Everything felt perfectly natural and each song inspired a brilliant performance out of everyone involved. Thanks to Mikey Junior, Dean Shot, Matt Raymond and Michael Bram for giving it everything you got! I cannot wait for you all to hear what this album sounds like. This record is going to leave a big mark!


Brad Vickers - "Great Day in the Morning" AVAILABLE NOW!

Great Day In The Morning Cover.jpg

Very proud to have worked on this very fine album, and happy to announce that it is officially out for you all to hear! This album delves deeper into the acoustic side of Brad's music, and possesses a sincerity and maturity that makes this album a standout among roots music releases. Features Brad Vickers, Margey Peters, Charles Burnham, Matt Cowan, Jim Davis, Bill Rankin, V.D. King, Christine Santelli, Gina Sicilia, Michael Bram, Jeremy Baum and myself.

Go and grab your copy of Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans - "Great Day in the Morning" right now!


Jeremy Baum hits the studio!

B3 piano drums.jpg

I had an amazing couple of days in the studio this week working on Jeremy Baum's new album. Jeremy tracked on his newly rebuilt Hammond B3, which sounded absolutely incredible. He'll be back in a few days to track more on the B3, as well as on my newly acquired Yamaha grand piano, and my Wurlitzer 200A. These sessions had some fantastic musicians with some serious credentials: Juma Sultan (percussionist for Jimi Hendrix), Eric Kalb (drummer for Charlie Hunter, the Dap-Kings, etc), Chris Vitarello (guitarist for Jimmy McGriff, Bruce Katz, etc), Scott Sharrard (guitarist for Gregg Allman), Tony Tino (bass player for Gavin Degraw, Ronnie Spector, etc), Myles Mancuso and Chris Reddan (drummer for Popa Chubby, Lance Lopez, etc). More sessions coming up with even more special guests!


New single by Greg Nagy, "I Won't Give Up"

Greg Nagy.jpg

Please check out the BRAND SPANKIN' NEW single by my friend, Greg Nagy. It's one hell of a song/vocal/performance, and I had the pleasure of playing drums and mixing it. Please head on over to this page to get a sample, and then iTunes to grab it for less than a dollar!


Brad Hatfield nominated for a 2013 Blues Music Award


Congratulations to Cincinnati's Brad Hatfield for earning a "Best New Artist Debut" nomination in the 2013 Blues Music Awards! I had the pleasure of recording, mixing and playing on this record at the end of last year. Brad is a wonderful singer, and this is a huge recognition for his first album effort.

Congratulations to everyone else involved on the album: Jon Justice (guitar/producer), Bernie Hatfield (B3 & piano), Scot Hornick (bass), Michael Bram (drums) and Dennis Gruenling (harmonica).