Project: Michael Bram — "Suitcase in the Hall"
Role: producer, recording/mixing engineer, guitar, bass, harmonium, percussion
Release Date: 10/2/12
Label: VizzTone Label Group

  1. It Don't Matter Where You Get Your Appetite
  2. Nobody Wins
  3. I Love You So Much
  4. Got Love If You Want It
  5. Watch Out!
  6. Suitcase in the Hall
  7. Howlin' For My Darlin'
  8. Chinese Hot Mustard
  9. The Way You've Changed
  10. I'm Going Away and Leave My Baby
  11. Drinking Champagne
  12. Can I Sleep In Your Arms

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"Michael 'Leroy' Bram, currently on tour as the drummer with Grammy award-winner Jason Mraz, is also a singer, guitarist, harmonica player, songwriter, and more… a deeply diverse creative force. With this album, "Suitcase in The Hall", Michael has joined forces with Dave Gross to create a production team with an original sound, and an album of classic and original Blues, Country and American Roots Music."
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