Project: Dennis Gruenling — "Rockin' All Day"
Role: recording/mixing engineer, piano
Release Date: 10/29/12
Label: VizzTone Label Group

  1. Rockin' All Day (Reelin' & Rockin')
  2. Roll Your Moneymaker
  3. The Rev
  4. Saturday Night Fish Fry
  5. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
  6. She's So Pretty
  7. You Can Do No Wrong
  8. It Went Down Easy
  9. 2:22AM
  10. What's Wrong With Me?
  11. Bloodshot Eyes
  12. Actin' Crazy
  13. Hotso

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"Dennis Gruenling is without a doubt one of the baddest, swingingest, most innovative harmonica blowers on the planet. His dynamic style draws inspiration not only from Blues icons like Little Walter, but also from great jazz horn players like Lester Young and Illinois Jacquet. 'ROCKIN’ ALL DAY', featuring labelmate Doug Deming on guitar and vocals, is a swingin', dancing house party record."
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