Project: Christine Santelli — "Dragonfly"
Role: producer, recording/mixing engineer
Release Date: 1/3/12
Label: Rapid Records

  1. Sweet Rita
  2. I'm Done
  3. Close to You
  4. Dragonfly
  5. My Town
  6. Lazy
  7. Ten Years Ago
  8. Caroline
  9. My Grandad
  10. Why Did You Run
  11. Find My Way Home
  12. Your Name's Now Up in Lights
  13. I Don't Want to Get Dressed
  14. Why Call Me
  15. No Neckties

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"Produced by Dave Gross, DRAGONFLY finds the powerful female vocalist hiding behind nothing but her acoustic guitar…or in some instances her piano. Over the span of just 15 short tracks Santelli paints a dynamic portrait that is so beautifully vulnerable and feminine, that it could have only come from a woman (not a girl) that has been diligently refining her craft for years."
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