Project: Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans — "Stuck With the Blues"
Role: producer, recording/mixing engineer, upright bass
Release Date: 6/1/10
Label: ManHatTone

  1. Stuck With the Blues
  2. I'm Betting on You
  3. Cold Fish
  4. Can't Stand to See You Go
  5. What About Me
  6. Deep Elem
  7. Vestapol Rag
  8. Winding Boy
  9. Jaguar and the Thunderbird
  10. I Want to Tell You Right Now
  11. Coming and Going
  12. Hobo Jungle
  13. They Gave Us the Blues
  14. I'm a Love You


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"With special guest Bobby Radcliff! An exciting blend of good-time blues, skiffle, ragtime, & more American roots music! You could call this CD 'timeless', 'cause it evokes different eras & styles, combining them into something fun, fresh, new—yet familiar!"
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