Project: Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans — "Great Day In the Morning"
Role: producer, recording/mixing engineer, upright bass, guitar, mandolin, percussion, hand claps
Release Date: 4/2/13
Label: ManHatTone

  1. Intro
  2. Little Gem
  3. Train Goin' Westward Bound
  4. Saving String Rag
  5. Sit Down and Talk
  6. Great Day In the Morning
  7. Saturday Blues
  8. Chapter and Verse
  9. It's a Good Life
  10. Frisco Town
  11. This Might Not Be Your Day
  12. Anna Lou Blues
  13. The Way It's Got to Be
  14. Together For Good
  15. Dallas Blues
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"Don't want those apocalyptic views, no time for that doom and gloom news." It's certain that we all need to turn the corner—in fact, our session for this record was postponed due to hurricane Sandy. So—with the help of Margey Peters—I whipped up a batch of new songs, and chose three tunes I've always loved, for what has to be positively our most feel-good album yet!

I play more bottleneck than ever on this recording, and we dip into a variety of feels. Naturally, we play the blues. I wrote a new one, "Sit Down And Talk", as well as covering Tampa Red's "Anna Lou Blues", which is the antecedent of "Anna Lee—and possibly the first song to "Go to Louisiana and get me a mojo hand". (You'll hear that in the bridge.) There's folk blues, like "Train Goin' Westward Bound" and "Frisco Town", some fun swings and rags, and we've even got one song, "It's A Good Life", with a Soca flavor And, like "Little Gem", there's lots of good old American roots n roll!

I gathered some of my favorite musicians—who also happen to be some of the world's nicest people—and went into producer Dave Gross' Fat Rabbit studios to make our 4th CD.

Master violinist Charles Burnham plays with us on five numbers, and his romping fiddle is a joy to hear. It's been my consistent pleasure to play with crackerjack drummer Bill Rankin. Ace horn players Matt Cowan and Jim Davis are again on hand. The very creative Michael Bram plays mandolin on two of the songs, and the supremely versatile V.D. King lends just the right twang on banjolele. Margey's on electric bass, while producer Dave Gross handles upright bass duties when she plays 'second fiddle.' Wonderful singers Christine Santelli and Gina Sicilia add a harmonious touch to two songs. And just when you thought it couldn't get better, Jeremy Baum stopped by the studio to drop off his B3—and jumped on keys for a couple of numbers. All in all, it was a "Great Day In The Morning" !
— Brad Vickers 2013

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