Matt Schuler

Albert Castiglia at Fat Rabbit Studios

Albert Castiglia.JPG

Amazing week in the studio with Albert Castiglia and his band, recording his new album. Holy smokes, this thing is burning! Best stuff I've heard from Albert...his vocals are supremely soulful, his guitar playing is raw, powerful and tasteful, and the songs were perfect to mold around his talents. Matt Schuler and Bob Amsel played their asses off too, as did a couple of special guests. It was a great time..if we weren't recording, we were laughing, and that stuff goes a long way to make a session stay relaxed and productive. Finishing up tracking early next week, psyched to be involved with this one!
UPDATE (11/1/13): The album is complete and going out to mastering in the next couple of weeks. And congratulations to Albert for winning the Blues Blast Music Award for Best Blues Rock Album of 2013!