Project: Mikey Junior — "Traveling South"
Role: producer, recording/mixing engineer, guitar, percussion
Release Date: 3/25/14
Label: VizzTone Label Group

  1. Traveling South
  2. Nobody Does It Like Me
  3. Morning On My Way
  4. Mill Tavern
  5. Katie Lynn
  6. Bad Time Blues
  7. The Cheat
  8. You
  9. She's Good At Being Bad
  10. Please Come Back
  11. Wrong Number
  12. Trying To Do The Best I Can

***Also available in a special vinyl edition***

#9 on Living Blues Radio Charts April '14
#15 on Living Blues Radio Charts May '14
#23 on Living Blues Radio Charts June '14

Editor's Pick, May 2014
Mikey Junior, Traveling South
"In 2014 it’s rare to encounter a blues album in which the production plays just as important a role as the music itself. Properly recording the diverse sounds of a harmonica in the studio is no easy task, and for his latest album, blues harp master Mikey Junior turned to his guitarist-producer Dave Gross, who has done a superb job..." (continue reading)
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Traveling South — the new release from Mikey Junior, brings a whole new dimension to his already impressive catalog. Produced by Dave Gross, this album has a level of depth, maturity, restraint and musicality that reaches the soul through his impassioned vocals and deep blues harmonica. Well-written originals and choice covers are brought to life with a vision that truly separates Mikey from his contemporaries.
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