Project: Jeremy Baum — "The Eel"
Role: recording/mixing engineer, percussion
Release Date: 1/28/14

  1. The New Pollution
  2. Funky Monkey
  3. Three More Bottles (feat. Chris O'Leary)
  4. Charlie Baum
  5. Dance With Me
  6. Borracho
  7. Pacific Drive
  8. Ain't It Funky Now
  9. Purple Rain
  10. The Eel
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"Back in the studio for his sophomore release, Jeremy Baum knocks it out of the park with 10 Hammond organ and piano driven arrangements. Backed by a stellar cast of musicians, this album is a great listen from start to finish. Special guests include Jay Collins, Juma Sultan, Eric Kalb, Michael Bram, Chris Reddan, Scott Sharrard, Chris Vitarello, Myles Mancusso, Eddie Torres, Tony Tino, Anthony Candullo, and Dennis Gruenling. Check this one out!"
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